Confidence, Is Sensual Coaching Really The Cure?

Dancing has always been such a sweet salvation for my wretched soul. I wouldn’t describe today as a day that I was jumping for joy. Thank God I had a dance session for the art teachers. It helped me to release some of the tension. Going into my own space and concentrating my spirit to translate into bodily movements. It was an awesome therapy.

Reflecting back, sometimes it’s easy to dismiss what you do because You are so used to it. But you know, we are all so special and unique, we tend to forget that in daily life. I have danced for the teachers for years, not a very original job. Not a very ordinary job either.

Every single time that I have to dance for the teachers, I still have to search inside of me and bring out that confident me. That me who will be able to add meaning and value to the teachers’ time with me. Without years of conscious working on myself, that would not have been possible.

Also, I have the privilege of working with ladies of different backgrounds and nationalities. Every one of them has helped me to grow. As a teacher, a dancer, a coach. And most importantly, as woman, as a human being.

How about you?

Have you been able to bring out that extra dose of confidence whenever and wherever you need it? Life is always unpredictable, full of unexpected surprises. What are the situations that you have encountered before that required an extra boost of your sense of self?

During an interview? A public toast at your best friend’s wedding? A blind date? Or perhaps meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Don’t U think there are way too many scenarios in ordinary life that requires you to rise to the occasion to be seen in a certain light?

It sure as hell is so in my life. And whenever it happens, I am ever so grateful for the times I pushed myself over my comfort level just so that I can notch up my confidence level just a little more.

Do what it takes to be a more confident woman. It will not only give you GREATER SELF ESTEEM, it will also make you a HAPPIER person and a MORE ATTRACTIVE person to be with. U CANNOT afford to neglect this aspect of your personal growth. That is the reason why I’m CRAZY about our SENSUAL COACHING.

The “Love Me” and “Polelicious Me” Programs are designed for that objective. Don’t wander in life wondering about WHAT IFs. Take the first step of faith and the rest will be revealed to you in due course. Good luck.

Stay Sexy, Sassy, SensualicioUs!

Joy Leng

Swing Dancing Basic Steps – Have Fun!

You want to learn swing dancing basic steps and you don’t know where to start – right here is where! Swing dancing is a great way to exercise while having fun at the same time. Just look at some of those ridiculously sexy dancers out there. I know we’re not all endowed with a metabolism as fast as some of them but still-exercise has some benefits and what better way to do this than by dancing up a storm?

Some people think a ballroom dance like the swing is boring-nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that the infamous Bonnie and Clyde were amazing swingers and it was their exceptional dancing in a club that they got recognized for who they were. From that night in the club they have been running away from the law ever since. Now, we don’t need to get lawless here. I’m just saying – if Bonnie and Clyde were fantastic at it, then it can’t be all that boring right?

Swing is getting to sound more and more interesting now. What are some of the things we need to know about this, other than it’s fun and it was once participated by good looking criminals? Read on for more great tips and information you can use today.

There are many kinds of swing. Lindy Hop is the mother of all swing dances and it is still being danced even right now. From it, many other forms of swing has evolved. Examples of these are the Jive, the Modern Jive, Leroc, Blues dance, Balboa, Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, the Shag (Collegiate and Carolina), Hand Jive and the Charleston. They are danced with upbeat and catchy music that are popular at that particular time.

If you want to learn the swing, it would be best to enlist the participation of a good friend because this is a dance that requires partnering. Generally the man leads and the woman follows-not that easy for a lot of us I know, but follow we must. Men’s ballroom dance shoes can be the regular Oxfords and the woman can start with regular 1 to 2 inch pumps. If you think you are going to spend more time in dancing, then you should invest in other styles of ballroom dance shoes.

Because of the popularity of ballroom nowadays, there are several options you can choose from if you want to learn more about this. You can take private lessons or group lessons. You can also enroll in an online dance course. This is especially beneficial for beginners who want to know the basics before stepping out into public. Look at reliable sites and forums to find out where to get the best dance videos.

When you master the swing dancing basic steps, you can start practicing the more fancy twists and turns that is sure to get some jaw dropping adulation from the crowd. Begin today and watch your talent unfold when you do. Have fun mastering swing dancing basic steps and you will quickly move on to the not-so-basic!

Belly Rings: Sexy is as Sexy Does

Body piercings have been the object of much controversy — besides being an artistic expression and a celebration of one’s physical endowments. The belly ring is such a piece of jewelry.

In times of old, body piercings were treated differently, depending on the culture. As most body piercings had ritual or ceremonial value, many cultures prohibited specific types of body piercing that were purely for the sake of adornment. The warriors of old Central and South American civilizations sported body piercings, specifically in the nose area, in order to appear more intimidating to their enemies. On the other hand, lip piercings and decorations were meant to enhance attractiveness, especially among women of the day and age.

And while body piercings were more or less common in ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs actually appropriated specific types of piercings. For example, no one BUT members of the royal family should wear a belly ring, on pain of death! Talk about the price of vanity.

Nowadays there is still some stigma associated with body piercings, especially among young women. It may be true that piercing is not always a safe practice, but more and more tattoo parlors are adopting measures that will ensure that infection is at least avoided. The increasing popularity of body jewelry cannot be ignored, especially since things like the belly ring and lip ring are making their way to MTV!

Yes, we’re talking about Britney Spears and her belly rings. We’re talking about the famous “stars and moon” dangling belly ring she wore to the MTV music awards last year. We’re also talking about Christina Aguilera and her “Nirvana nipple ring,” among lots of other unconventional accessories — made slightly less unconventional by their appearance on international TV.

Belly rings are popular among young people who like to get together and dance. Dancers on TV are popularizing it as a sexy accessory. There are no pharaohs nowadays who would want to lop off Britney Spears’ head for donning this spectacularly alluring piece of jewelry. From a status symbol to a sexy fashion accessory, the belly ring sure has come a long way.